Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Kickoff

September 19 was the first meeting of the larger AEC Committee for the 2011-2012 school year. This was the meeting where Dr. Troxell and Ellen Williams shared their ideas about what the AEC committees are able to do.

We broke off into our separate committees and Technology is planning to meet on Monday, October 17th at 4:15 in the BT Wilson Media Room to start our discussions.

It seems we have a great selection of subtopics to address:

Technology Proficiencies for staff: what should every staff member know to be considered a basic level of technology understanding?

Mobile Access: start discussing what KISD classrooms look like in 5 years with more smart phones, iDevices and mobile access. We need to start developing a vision for this district.

1:1 Technology: 1 technology device per 1 student? Are we looking to do this? How?

eCourses: discussion on developing online staff development but also looking into how teachers can start making online courses for students to access.

District upgrade: We need to look at moving the district to Windows 7....or 8. The current Windows XP is outdated and we need to create the process for moving to a new OS.

Assistive Technology: this is a repeat of last year's group looking into apps and tools to help ALL of our students district-wide.

Scope & Sequence: What are we doing to incorporate technology on a day to day routine?

Below is the Comment area. I would like for you to share your ideas for what you think about these topics. Which ones interest you the most? What would you like to say to the group or to others who view this blog about our committee?


  1. I like the idea of creating ecourses for staff members. Most of the time, when offered a video or an in-person workshop, the video doesn't do the workshop justice. However, from my point of view (Smart Trainer), these ecourses can be used as refreshers for those who have already attended a workshop. The day one beginner training is so much to take in, but I think with a video reminder of basic steps and processes, teachers will be a lot more likely to apply what they have learned. This is much the same with other softwares that the district uses (Forethought, Aware, Eduphoria, Office 2007, Skyward, Study Island, Lexia, Rosetta Stone, Aesop, etc). In the past, I found myself referencing my in-service notes from 3 years ago to login to DMAC or even to check my voicemail. I'd much rather open a video to jog my memory. With the use of mini-videos, we can even show how to use the websites that we receive as Tech Nuggets throughout the year. The only problem that I see with it is the management of the great file sizes that are associated with videos. Are these going into the cloud in something like YouTube?
    I think this group should work closely with Technology Proficiencies to determine what every staff member should know and then create videos to instruct the masses on how to use them. This will be much easier than trying to set up workshops for these teachers as they can do one or two as time allows. I suggested to so many teachers who attended my workshops that they attend some other workshops as well, but time and time again, they had met the 2-day earned off requirement and were looking for nothing more. Though I hate the sound of my voice on video, I'll be more than happy to create some videos for this subcommittee.

    How do we reach that teacher that thinks they are fine without technology? That teacher that refuses to adapt? And, how do we get the technology into the hands of the willing have-nots from the hands of the haves that are unwilling?

  2. Re: training and proficiency. There was an idea shared about using ready-to-show Atomic Learning videos for training that sounded simple, too.

    Also, I am interested in Mobile Access for several reasons: my own learning about its professional capabilities (staff), efficiency and cost-effectiveness in curriculum delivery and productivity for students, and replacement of punishing for technology by incorporating it into daily learning.

  3. I agree with John.I would like to see short videos and encourage teachers to use technology. I would like to be apart of the mobile group.