Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeting Notes - 10/17/2011

Today we met with cookies and snacks provided by Stacy at BT Wilson. We decided not to split into individual groups. We are going to share researching on the various topics to thread as discussions in each of our other AEC meetings.

Here is a list of topics and our ideas on them. Feel free to share discussions and comments/questions below.

1. Staff Technology Proficiencies: Joel will look into setting up testing accounts for all staff in the system that is used to assess 8th grade technology assessments. We currently use's 8th Grade Tech Literacy test. He will address district Leadership to get this on an agenda for staff to complete during a workday.

2. Mobile Access, 1:1 student computers; BYOD: all of these merged into one topic. Deandra Ramirez, Nieves Stephens, and Patty Hyatt signed up to look into research on these.

Joel is going to contact Bastrop ISD about their survey they sent home to students to find out about what devices students answered they had access to at home.

Joel had information from Deer Park ISD about their current BYOD solution. Files are linked here:

DPISD - Timeline for implementation document
DPISD - Registering a personal device to the network
DPISD - Guideline FAQs
DPISD - Student BYOT Agreement
Ed Tech Magazine article about DPISD BYOD plan
DPISD - Presentation about BYOT
DPISD - Balancing Resources and Providing Access presentation

3. eCourses will be studied by John Mein, Eddie Mathews and Stacey Blair. Notes reference Project Share and Project Great as well as Perry's Principles and Khan Academy. Also a tool for screencasting that is free is Jing.

Also this is my post about Flipped Classrooms that I mentioned.

4. District Upgrade: This is more of a whole group discussion that will be implemented into all these other discussions. Nieves expressed interest in sharing about this but I think it will blend with the Mobile Access/BYOD topics.

5. Assistive Technology: This is also a whole group discussion where we share about resources we discover to help our special needs populations. Patty Hyatt expressed interest in this group.

6. Scope & Sequence: A continuation of previous years of work to continue promoting integration of the Technology Applications TEKS in all grade levels and subject. Updated TA TEKS were released last Wednesday! Stacey Blair, Stella Blocker, and Lou Anne Brown are heading up this group.
1998-2011 TA TEKS

K-2 TA-TEKS that will be taught beginning in 2012-2013
3-5 TA-TEKS that will be taught beginning in 2012-2013
6 TA-TEKS that will be taught beginning in 2012-2013
7 TA-TEKS that will be taught beginning in 2012-2013
8 TA-TEKS that will be taught beginning in 2012-2013
High School TA-TEKS for all courses beginning in 2012-2013 (full list of all courses)

Joel will see about getting new TA TEKS added to Forethought to make it easier to share.

He is working on getting our TIME accounts setup which is a new portal that has made for teachers to connect them to TA TEK activities in one online portal. Link to TIME to read more about it.

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