Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meeting Notes - Feb 22

Notes from Wednesday, Feb 22 meeting:

TCEA - those who went to TCEA shared some "aha!" moments. Stella from Starkey shared an idea where a group of teachers from her campus meet in her room to discuss SMART board tips. They had their first meeting and John from BTW went over and shared some ideas.

Tech Assessment Scores - Material from Learning.com will be available for teachers to access for continuing their learning. There are over 250 online lesson material bundles available from TCEA that teachers can access. Information about this to be delivered after Spring Break.

Recommendations - Bob put together a recommendation for BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) and we are working on changes to it. Joel is looking at piecing together the recommendation to move to Google Apps for Education for increased access to mobile resources including email. We can stay with Microsoft but look at paying a minimum of $70,000 to get to the same level that Google provides for FREE. Email addresses would stay the same but inbox sizes would go to 10GB per user.

Storage - Joel is finishing up lessons to train staff on proper and appropriate network storage. The lessons explain the network, network drives and how to properly store files. We are giving an incentive to teachers who complete training in the form of a USB thumb drive for them to use to help store their files.

Summer Staff Development - starting to build catalog now. If you have ideas, let Joel know. He is looking for presenters. Techpalooza 2.0 will be Monday, June 4 at Hal Peterson again. This time it is "bigger, better and Paloozier". We may have a keynote speaker!

Joel is also developing a better way to infuse Learning.com with Atomic Learning by maybe giving topics to teachers to study in small groups or individual where they take on a topic and use online learning to develop CORE content using the different tools. Credit would be established for professional development and Earned-Off based on the completion of tasks. Similar to a book-study or independent research. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Lectures

In 2007, this lecture from Randy Pausch (1960-2008) of Carnegie Mellon University gave his last lecture on the topic of Last Lectures: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.

It is over an hour long but REALLY worth it.

I think I originally saw this video at a point when I felt unmotivated and beaten down by work and life. It sparked so much creativity in me and inspired me.

I wanted to share this as a continuation (or a precursor) to the previous post from Sir Ken Robinson on creativity. This is a great video.