Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motivational Thoughts

This video was recommended to me to watch tonight and I found it to be such a great metaphor for our profession. It is a short video worth watching and definitely worth sharing.

Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker and author. I have read his book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything and it is on my recommendation list for any professional to read. If you haven't taken the time to see it, I also recommend you spend 20 minutes watching this over 3,000,000 times viewed TED Talks video by Sir Ken on the topic "Do Schools Kill Creativity?". Well worth your time!

Lastly, I cannot stress how important the TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) app or podcast is. Think of it as a dialogue from people on the forefront of their field talking about being on the forefront of their field. It isn't just technology, these are dancers, puzzle-makers, street planners, bio-tech engineers, etc. talking about what it is like to be on the edge.

What do you think about his message?