About AEC

AEC stands for the Academic Excellence Committee. It is a Kerrville ISD district-initiative for staff to get together and research best practices for recommending new strategies to support learning. These committees formulate the backbone of current research and development for creating the district vision.

The Technology Committee is one sub-committee within the AEC group and while we tend to stick with techie topics, we have been known to stray.

Our past recommendations:

  1. Develop new KISD Graduate Profile to include 21st Century skills and NCLB requirements. 
  2. Develop new staff development that is ongoing and relevant to teachers.
  3. Develop year-round professional development opportunities using the "train the trainer" method for access at each campus.
  4. Upgrade libraries to be the collaborative and modern workspace hubs for student success reflecting 21st century literacy. 

  1. Scope & Sequence - look to develop a sequential scope and sequence for each grade level that shares how to teach Technology Applications in all classrooms. (ongoing)
  2. Cybersafety - develop a program for teaching cybersafety and social network safety for students and parents.
  3. Teacher Websites - committee looked at various vendors but recommended waiting until Project Share system developed to see if it would work for teacher sites. 

  1. Professional Development: Recruit "resident experts" to focus staff development toward individual campuses and grade levels. 
  2. Scope & Sequence: Purchased eduphoria's Suite that includes an online lesson planning system to where teachers can share scope & sequence ideas and technology lesson plans. 
  3. Software Committee - Evaluate older software and weed out by effectiveness and age to find more current web-based or mobile device accessible tools. Found subject areas with weaker technology supported software by campus and recommend a new group to study specific subject areas to recommend new tools. Evaluated software to make sure it is used to its full potential and found ways to increase effective use. 
  4. Assistive Technology: Discovered the need to find devices and resources for mobile interactivity and instant feedback for our special populations. Recommend looking into studying multiple intelligences and assessing students to help them learn and take ownership of their own learning.

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